COMPRESSING: Read Information Below

If you want to make some of your wav files smaller, try compressing them.
For example many fun chat wavs are in PCM format and are actually very 
large files. 
On my Chat Fun Wav site all the sounds are already compressed and ready 
to use in chat.

If you go through your media list and see many of these that are very 
large you can compress them and they sound great and a much smaller file.

You can ALSO compress wav.s that you already have on file with
the sound recorder (example)-I took some that were 1 meg or 
even 5 meg and made them into 185KB or 340KB..and they sound fine.
I found it is best to copy a song to another file or diskette,
then if I want to choose other attributes I still have original
to work with again...Once it is compressed, you can't
get it back the other way and make it sound good.
(then you can delete copy to save space)

Open sound recorder. (Mine is found in start, programs, accessories, entertainment, 
Sound Recorder)
Open song or sound clip.
Choose convert now-
Format -Mpeg-layer3
(on my list it is above pcm on list)
Attribute -try 20 Kbits 11025 Mono 2 kb.. (this is a good average one to choose)
On full song wav.s you may want stereo. Just sample both and see how they sound 
to you.
Choose ok
It Compresses----when done:
Close recorder and CHOOSE YES TO SAVE CHANGES (If you noted how 
large file was...go see how small it is now!)
If you have ripped a song from a CD and it is a huge file, you can compress it in the 
Sound Recorder also.

Have Fun and save disk space at the same time.