Ken Estes

Photos submitted by Ken Estes 
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A3D Landing

Anchor Chain

Anchor wenches

Ranger at Bremerton

Ranger at Bremerton

Buie Gaylor

Capt Chair

Diamond Head 59

Electrical Generator

Electrical Panel

Island In 1999

Japan Royality 1959

Kens Bunk 40 Yrs Later

Land Fighter


Medical Space

Mess Drawings

Mike Herron

Milk Bar


Original Ranger

Ranger-Arizona Memorial

Ranger Bow


Refueling Destroyers

SPAD retirement

Subic Bay 1959

Survey Crew 1999

I took approximately 800 pictures while on the cruise. 
Mike Herron and I had about 1/2 of the pictures that 
were in the cruise book that cruise.
UNFORTUNATELY a hot water tank burst and all my memento's
were soaked. I was able to recover some stuff and a lot 
of what I recovered was water damaged.
'Ken Estes'