Voices, Singing, and Photos

Copied from some of the tapes of Les and Hazel Proctor ;
(Sound volumes vary)

Grandma Lucinda Catherine Elliott Hudson singing with Karl (son)
Hudson playing guitar - Grandma_Hudson

Lawrence Group -Hudson's and Proctors  Songs

Uncles and Aunts  - uncles-aunts Karl, Herb, Cliff,  Grandma Hudson, Loretta and Mary

Robert (Butch)-song

Les Proctor- talking on phone

" It is no secret


"How Great Thou Art guitar

" How Great Thou Art singing

" How Great Thou Art with Les and not sure but I think it's Jessica

" messing around Guitar

Dad guitar and harmonica (who knew) song

What A Friend - song

Dad and Jeff - song

Dad and Jeff2 - song

Dad 'Old Rugged Cross'

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Dad Proctor and Lem (Sadies Husband) DooDoodlers  Cliff, Bill, Lem, Les P.  Newt behind Les Close up of Grandparents- Newton Samuel and Lucinda Catherine Hudson Top left to right; Bill,  Newton Samuel Hudson, Lucinda C. Hudson,Sadie, Herb  Bottom; Dick, Cliff, Carl Hudson
Lucinda Catherine Elliott Hudson Martha Alice Cameron Proctor Martha Alice Cameron Proctor Martha Cameron Proctor-she loved fishing
Lester D. Proctor (baby) and brother Everst Proctor Hazel and Lester Proctor Les Proctor with some unknown girls Richard, Newt, Darlene, Carol, Butch
Cameron-Proctor - Some children of Martha Alice Rogers Cameron Proctor Everest Proctor brother to Lester D. Proctor Les Proctor Hazel Proctor with baby Robert Charles -park at 6th and Mass.
Carol Ann and Lucinda Grandma Lucinda Hudson-Darlene in background Jim - Carl - Herb - Hazel - Sadie HUDSON

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