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5 April 1979
Collision At Sea

"What was that?"
"Go back to sleep!
We're near the straits and they're just
testing the..."
"There it goes again, and no other alarms,
Oh___,lets get moving."
It started that way for most of us.
It was either the Collision Bells or
shortly thereafter, the General Quarters
Alarm that finally convinced
a sleepy and unbelieving crew 
that their ship was in trouble.
In seconds, Repair Parties were
manned and as the already wounded carrier backed slowly away,the word spread, RANGER and theTanker FORTUNE MONROVIA had collided.
There were many anxious moments,
but in those early morning hours, a crew matured and the long hours of training and practice were tested.
There was no panic and no injuries, disaster was averted and the crew passed its toughest test to date.
The damaged bow necessitated temporary repairs in SubicBay, RP, and Yokosuka, Japan.
When they were completed,RANGER was able to continue with her cruise.
In August, RANGER returned to Yokosuka for permanent repairs prior to returning home.